Socio-pedagogic project KICK ON ICE in Berlin

KICK ON ICE is an initiative of the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation and the "EHC Eisbären". KICK ON ICE offers teens from low-income families the opportunity to play ice hockey and to ice skate in the evenings and on the weekend without having to pay expensive club fees. The project was established in 2003. As academy member of Laureus, Katarina Witt assumed the role of of Patroness. The work of the KICK ON ICE Teams, which are active in every area of Berlin, is supported by freelancers, observers, trainers and organizers from the teams themselves.

Goals of Kick on Ice

With the project KICK ON ICE, the positive effects of sports in connection with socio-pedagogic supervision is to be applied in order to better integrate disadvantaged children and teens, helping to get them off the streets and to convey to them how much fun a liesure activity can be - and this with the kind of sport that appeals to their “masculine” attitudes. For this project, children and teens from each of the eight Kick locations as well as from the bordering areas in Lichtenberg, Friedrichshain- Kreuzberg, Marzahn-Hellersorf und Pankow were asked to come.

Socio-pedagogic assistance for a range of ice sports

Educated trainers and and coaches see to it that there is a range of ice sports available for teens at the Kick location at the Sportforum in Hohenschönhausen every Saturday between 9:00pm and midnight. One of the major focuses is the co-operation with the EHC Eisbären and the socio-pedagogic monitors in the range of ice sports. The staff give individual assistance for solving existing or emerging problems in the areas of school, career and family. Above all, they deal with themes such as delinquency, the handling of money, drugs, healthy nutrition and the search for a career.

  • Orthopedic aid Banda Aceh

    Katastropfenhilfe für Tsunamiopfer Dedek aus Banda Aceh

    Tsunami victims

    Artificial limbs help children after a natural disaster.

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