Disaster relief for tsunami victim Dedek from Banda Aceh

Dedek’s terrible injuries resulting from the devastating tsunami in 2004 were able to be provisionally treated in Sumatra. With the help of friends and donors, Katarina Witt Foundation fullfilled the boy’s wish for a functioning prosthetic arm.

Dedek’s prothesis must be replaced

Dedek is still growing, which means that his prosthesis has to be regularly re-fitted or replaced. We need your support for this!

August 2005

On the 3rd of August, the shy boy came to Munich to see Dr. Christian Krettek, chief physician at MHH trauma surgery. He was a miserable sight. Seven operations ensued, whereby nerves from his back were transplanted into his knee. Ein Herz für Kinder (A Heart for Children) paid for the many painstaking operations at a cost of 13,600 euros. The orthopedic practice Otto Bock donated an electric prosthetic arm to Dedek, which allows him to grasp and hold things. The Katarina Witt Foundation provided funding for this high-tech prosthesis (50,000 euros).

26. Dezember 2004

Dedek (11) from Banda Aceh had been exensively injured when he was found. When the flood raged through his village, a utility pole crushed his right arm. Three fingers on his left hand as well as his left leg were severly burned.

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