Company Donations

Be it as one entity, individual employees, departments, or in groups of colleagues, there are many ways to show social responsibility with a donation to the Katharina Witt Foundation. You may offer general support or choose a specific project from the Katarina Witt Foundation in the area of disaster relief, medical care or athletic sponsorship.

You may also have customers, clients or friends participate, by asking them to donate to the foundation instead of exchanging gifts:

Donations instead of gifts

The exchange of small gifts between employees and business partners is a very nice custom. By giving donations instead of gifts, you are helping in two ways:

  • by helping children who really need it!
  • and by spreading the word about the Katarina Witt Foundation!

Events, for instance, a company anniversary, are also a great way to help kids in despair find their way to a promising future

If you have any questions or suggestions concerning corporate donations: Simply contact us by filling out the following form, or give us a direct e-mail:

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