How we help

Your donations help the Katarina Witt Foundation to make medicinal and psychological care for victims of natural disasters, bomb attacks and landmine explosions available. Additionally, we help kids with disabilities or malformations who either live in countries where medical facilities are not available to them, or whose parents are too destitute to afford the care they need. Some of these kids are orphans or have been abandoned by their parents.

Emergency Treatment

Our partners help the victims of natural disasters, bomb attacks, and landmines, not only with emergency medical or technical care, but also with aid implements such as wheelchairs and crutches. The emergency medical treatment we provide often secures the survival of the victim or prevents a long-term disability.


Operations are performed by physicians who work with our partners on-site, or in Germany. The Katarina Witt Foundation funds the journey and the surgical procedures with your donations.

Orthopedic aid

The preparation and fitting of prostheses are funded by the Katarina Witt Foundation. For this, we work closely in conjunction with the leading companies in orthopedic tecnology.

Mobile orthopedic workshops are being set up from the project partners in disaster areas with the financial support of the foundation. In Haiti, for example, after the earthquake  emergency medical treatment for the victims was made available through the use of a mobile orthopedic workshop.

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