How we work

Your donations are in good hands with us. The way the Katarina Witt Foundation is structured allows for quick and non-bureaucratic operations singly for non-profit purposes, because it is a non-profit organization.

Non-bureaucratic and direct

Aid from the Katarina Witt Foundation is direct and non-bureaucratic. Disasters necessitate immediate aid for the victims. The foundation responds immediately to natural disasters any time we become aware of especially tragic situations.

Partners on site

Many things are easier when we work together. The Katarina Witt Foundation makes certain, that donations are distributed to wherever they are most urgently needed. Our network of partner organizations is spread all over the world. In this way, we can find out quickly and directly where aid is urgently needed. Landmine Survivors Network, the Hammer Forum and the German Red Cross are only a few of the organizations with which the Katarina Witt Foundation works.


Katarina Witt Foundation assumes the responsibility for a sick or injured child. That is why we make certain that beyond emergency medical treatment, that child receives the necessary medical care and further treatments he or she needs. Second operations are funded, as are regular fittings for artificial limbs.

The integration into a daily routine is a necessary additional measure. Psychological care is often necessary after disasters, attacks or accidents, and is also funded by the Katarina Witt Foundation.

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