How you can help

However you would like to contribute, and to whatever extent,you can be certain that your donation goes directly to where it is most urgently needed. Every euro counts!

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Collecting donations

If you would like to support the Katarina Witt Foundation beyond just a donation, we love fund-raising activities to collect money for our aid projects. There are numerous possibilities. It doesn’t matter if you choose to set up a bazaar or a website or a blog in order to draw attention to the Katarina Witt Foundation.

Becoming a partner

As a partner in the Katarina Witt Foundation you can help effectively while publicly demonstrating your good will. If you would like to support the Katarina Witt Foundation as a corporation, we gladly offer cooperation in accordance with the arrangements and the goals of your company as well as enabling your company’s public social engagements to be recognized.

Become a partner


Everyone hopes that something of him remains in the world beyond his death--ideas, values, or dreams which accompany us throughout life. This wish has led many donors to consider remembering the Katarina Witt Foundation in their wills. For us, this is a very special way of expressing loyalty and solidarity. You would also like your commitment to needy children to be a continuation of your life’s work, understanding and knowledge, and through the Katarina Witt Foundation you can continue your pursuit. Then turn the goals of our foundation into something everlasting!

Will Donation

Company donations

Be it as an entire company, management, individual employees, departments, or in groups of colleagues, there are many ways to show social responsibility with a donation to the Katharina Witt Foundation. You may offer general support or choose a specific project from the Katarina Witt Foundation in the area of disaster relief, medical care or athletic sponsorship.

You may also have customers, clients or friends participate, by asking them to donate to the foundation instead of exchanging gifts

 Company donations

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