Aid projects worldwide for landmine victims

All over the world, children are injured by explosives. An estimated 16,000 people worldwide are severely injured because of these landmines. About every 30 minutes a landmine explodes somewhere in the world. One out of five victims is a child, who is maimed for life.

. Most mine injuries suffered by children lead to death or lifelong disabilities. In many former war zones, not even the most basic of medical care for these victims is certain. Neither appropriate medical treatment nor a supply of prostheses is certain. Every euro donated makes it possible for a landmine victim to get back on track towards a happier life! To keep children from living a life of poverty, it is very important that they are able to walk and to have use of their hands. Prostheses make it possible.

A new arm for landmine victim Thembi

Thembi was playing when a landmine blew up in his hand and tore off his arm. His arm was amputated without anaesthetics. He needed our help to avoid living his life in dire poverty.

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