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This is how we work

The Katarina Witt Foundation consists of a very small team. The majority of work done on behalf of the Foundation is performed mostly by unpaid volunteers. This is how the foundation can react quickly and without a lot of red tape, and yet still ensure that your donation is in good hands.

Simple and direct, in Germany and around the world

When we receive an application for a project, we enter into a detailed project agreement with the applicant. This agreement governs all of the details of the project. At this point we transfer funds for the project’s use.
When disasters strike and demand immediate help for victims, we work with various charitable organizations that have immediate on-site experience, and we contribute financially to their relief efforts, because a lot of things are easier to do as a team. The Katarina Witt Foundation makes sure that donations go where they are urgently needed.

Our network of partner organizations works in Germany and around the world, so we learn rapidly and directly where aid is urgently needed. The German Red Cross, Ein Herz für Kinder (A Heart for Children), Johanniter Accident Relief, the “Kinder in Not” e.V. (Children in Need) action group – these are just a few examples of organizations we work with.