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What does the Katarina Witt Foundation support?

The Katarina Witt Foundation is a non-profit limited liability company, founded by 2time Olympic gold medal winner Katarina Witt in 2005 and gave support for more than 250 projects for children with disabilities.

The foundation focuses on three areas when awarding grants:

  • Supporting physical mobility for children and adolescents with disabilities
  • Medical care for children and adolescents with disabilities
  • Disaster relief

At this point the majority of the projects the Katarina Witt Foundation supports relate to mobility for children and adolescents with disabilities. Physical mobility and sports are critical in the lives of children and young people. This is why the Katarina Witt Foundation wants to help as many children and adolescents as possible to attain greater mobility.

Our goal is therefore to support projects that are committed to this, in Germany and around the world.

Special offers for children and adolescents with physical disabilities are just as deserving of support as integrative efforts like sports groups for children and adolescents with and without disabilities.

The type of aid we provide to be provided can vary. It may be the construction or expansion of a facility for children or adolescents with disabilities, medical care, prosthetics, therapy, or even funding travel or excursions, or providing training for parents or caregivers. The ideal projects for the Katarina Witt Foundation are projects that:

  • directly or demonstrably help a child or adolescent with disabilities or
  • support movement and sport as critical life skill and thus promote therapeutic secondary effects like strengthening motivation and self-confidence
  • that is, projects that promote self-esteem and positively impact the perspective of young people with disabilities.