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Disposition of funds

Due to its support of youth welfare services and sports, according to the last Notice of Exemption we received from the Finanzamt für Körperschaften Berlin I Finance Office, St. no. 27/613/03886 of 07.08.2017 for the year 2016, the Katarina Witt Foundation gGmbH is exempt from corporation taxes according to § 5 Para. 1 No. 9 of the German Corporation Tax Act and is exempt from trade taxes according to § 3 No. 6 of the German Trade Tax Act.

The Katarina Witt Foundation makes every effort to devote the greatest possible portion of monetary donations directly to the projects it supports. But every organization incurs costs that must be covered. These include expenses related to statutorily required accounting (bookkeeping, annual financial statements from a qualified accountant), the cost of renting office spaces, telephone, clerical staff, mailing requests for donations, supplies (stationery, printing costs, postage). So we ask for your understanding of this. Analysis of statistical data of 2015:

Projektkosten incl. PMK/ yellow = Projects
Mittelbeschaffung/ blue = Fund-raising
Verwaltungskosten/ green = Administrative expenses
Oeffentlichkeitsarbeit/ orange = Public relations

Disposition of Funds in 2019