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How you can help

Regardless of how and how much you choose to donate – you be confident that your donation (via PayPal or credit card, using the donate- button on this website) will go where it is urgently needed. Every Euro or Dollar counts!

Corporate donations

You can demonstrate your corporate responsibility with a donation to the Katarina Witt Foundation, whether as a corporation or an employee of a corporation, whether on your own, as a corporate department, or together with colleagues from your place of employment. You can donate to our work in general or to a specific Katarina Witt Foundation project for disaster relief, medical care, or promoting sports. Your customers and business associates become donors, too, when you make a donation in their name instead of giving gifts.

During the holidays: Give joy

Instead of giving the same old gifts to your customers, you can make a corporate donation to the Katarina Witt Foundation and make many children happy. This alleviates compliance issues, and of course you’ll receive a receipt for your donation for tax purposes.

Your holiday donation to the Katarina Witt Foundation

During the holiday season, it is a charming and useful custom to think of the people – and customers – who are most important to you. Exchanging small gifts is a part of this custom. Why not give even more joy this year? To yourself, your customers and employees, but most of all, to those, who need it most – children with disabilities. Tell your customers you won’t be giving presents this year, but that instead you are making a donation to the Katarina Witt Foundation, and invite them to do the same for you. We’ll be happy to match you to an aid project and provide you plenty of information about it.

Even a small contribution can be a big help in funding a prosthesis or sports wheelchair. Please join us and support the Katarina Witt Foundation’s holiday drive.

Email us (info@katarina-witt-stiftung.de) if you have questions or want information. We’ll be happy to work with you.

Collect donations

If you want to provide us support that goes beyond a donation, we recommend organized drives to collect donations for our aid projects. There are lots of different ways to do this. It doesn’t matter whether you organize a charity bazaar or, as so many schools do, a fun run.  We’ll be happy to provide you with informational material about these types of efforts, as well.

Become a Foundation partner

You can help us and garner valuable positive publicity as a partner of the Katarina Witt Foundation. If you want to support Katarina Witt Foundation projects as a corporation, we will be glad to tailor a corporate program to your company’s needs and goals, spotlighting your Corporate Social Responsibility and commitment to the common good.

If you are interested in a Corporate Partnership, please email us. We’ll contact you to discuss your ideas and questions.

Donations in kind

Please understand that for organizational reasons the Foundation is not able to accept donations in kind.