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Our founder: Katarina Witt

She is the most successful figure skater of all time. Katarina Witt, the two- time Olympic champion, four- time World champion, six-time European champion, is the beating heart of the Katarina Witt Foundation. She is known for putting her heart, passion, and intellect into everything she does. This applies to the work her foundation does just as much as it applies to all of her professional activities on the ice and television. She spends so many days every year in ordinary of her foundation, and frequently works as a volunteer to broaden and deepen the Foundation’s donor base.

Biography of Katarina Witt

She is an athlete by nature – after all, she is the most successful figure skater of all time. For Katarina Witt, esthetics and passion, music and accomplishment – these are the elixir of life. This is why she takes on challenges: on television, on the silver screen (as in the Emmy-winning “Carmen,” as the “Ice Princess” in a film she co-produced, and in the movie classic “Ronin,” with Robert de Niro), all over the world with major ice shows during her 20 years as a professional athlete, and last year on the stage as the Mistress in the Berlin production of Hofmannsthal’s Jedermann. The eight- time national figure-skating champion was also excited to start the Katarina Witt Foundation in 2005. The Foundation works to promote mobility for children with disabilities. She is a world-class star with the heart of an athlete, an entertainment industry producer with a champion’s pedigree. She is also an emotive and sensitive artist – as evidenced by the Jaques Favart trophy, the highest honor awarded by the ISU, the Golden Camera, which she received twice, a Bambi, her selection as Female Athlete of the Century, the World Women`s Business Award, presented to her by Mikhail Gorbachev, her induction into the “Hall of Fame” of the Women´s Sport Foundation, the “Goldenes Band” in 2009 for her outstanding accomplishments in sports and as a role model in society, the International Fair Play Award in 2009, and the “Goldene Sportpyramide” upon her induction into the Hall of Fame of German Sports in 2010.

She is the figure skating expert at the Olympics for the ARD, the German broadcasting organization, and has been ARD’s anchor for the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver, 2014 Sochi and 2018 in Peyongchang. She headed Munich’s bid to host the 2018 Winter Olympics, and traveled the world to advance this effort in 2010 and 2011. In 2012 she played the lead role in the made-for-television movie Der Feind in meinem Leben (The enemy in my life), discovering a love of acting.


  • Olympic Medal of the IOC
  • Jaques Favart trophy, the highest award of the ISU
  • US "Emmy" award 1990 for the film “Carmen on Ice”
  • "Goldene Kamera" for her Olympic comeback
  • "Bambi" award
  • Nominated for an Emmy for her role in “The Ice Princess”
  • Voted “Female Athlete of the Century”
  • The "Goldene Henne"
  • World Women`s Business Award, presented to her by Mikhail Gorbachev
  • Induction into the “Hall of Fame” of the Women´s Sport Foundation
  • BILD Osgar for extraordinary career
  • Sport Bild Award for social engagement
  • Awarded the “Goldenes Band” for exceptional performance in sports and as a role model in society
  • International Fair Play Award
  • “Goldene Sportpyramide” for lifetime achievements in sports and charity
  • Induction into the German Sports Hall of Fame