How we fund our projects

Your donations are in good hands with us. The way the Katarina Witt Foundation is structured allows for quick and non-bureaucratic operations singly for non-profit purposes, because it is a non-profit organization.

Non-bureaucratic and direct

Aid from the Katarina Witt Foundation is direct and non-bureaucratic. Whether the donations are contributions in kind or through the support of fund-raisers, they directly benfit selected associations or projects.

Cooperation mit organizations

The Katarina Witt Foundation cooperates with initiatives, organizations and associations who engage themselves with charity and social programs.

Continuous development

The Katarina Witt Foundation is committed to continuous development. Children and juveniles who are enthusiastic about sports can, with help from the foundation, tap their full potential. We want to help in cooperation with our donors, so that these kids can go confidently and successfully through life.

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