Aid project for medical treatment

The medical standards in a large part of the world are much lower than they are in Germany. Without aid, many disabled children have no chance for mobility, because they simply don’t have access to medical and therapeutic treatment.

Whether in Asia or Africa, whether victims of landmines or birth defects, by giving them mobility, we are enabling them to be independent, confident and happy to be alive

North Meru Disability Center in Kenia

Kinder mit Körperbehinderung werden oft versteckt - aus Scham und Unwissenheit der Eltern. Wir förderten mit der Hilfe von Spenden gemeinsam mit der Kindernothilfe das Projekt des North Meru Disability Center!

Willy aus Kenia

Willy brauchte dringend Hilfe und eine Beinprothese und Massnahmen zur Rehabilitation, damit er wieder Lebensfreude finden kann...

Anastasia soll wieder hören können!

Durch einen Spendenaufruf von Katarina Witt und die Kontakte zu anderen Stiftungen ist es gelungen, den Betrag für Operation und Nachsorge zusammen zu bekommen.

25 Leben ändern

Förderung des orthopädischen Kinderkrankenhauses AIC Cure Children‘s Hospital in Kijabe, Kenia

Universitätsklinikum Freiburg

Katarina Witt-Stiftung unterstützt krebskranke Kinder in ihrer Mobilität!

Unterstützung für Kinder mit Behinderung in Sri Lanka

Seit Anfang 2010 unterstützt die Katarina Witt Stiftung das Projekt „Versorgung von behinderten Menschen mit Rollstühlen in Sri Lanka“ der Johanniter Auslandshilfe.

Arwa in Egypt needs our help

Arwa suffers from Dysmelia, a birth defect. Without our help she would never be able to attend school or play with other kids.

Aid project for bombing victim Richie from Indonesia

Richie lost a leg during a bomb attack in Indonesia. The wounds were heavily infected several times. Through our help, he is learning to walk again with the aid of an artificial leg.

Aid project for children with clubfoot

Children with clubfoot face a life of dire poverty without treatment for their disability. In Eritrea, they now have a chance to live a dignified life.

Aid project for landmine victims

About every 30 minutes a landmine explodes somewhere in the world. One out of five victims is a child, who is maimed for life. The Katarina Witt Foundation provides them with emergency treatment and prostheses. 

Aid project for children with physical disabilities

The Katarina Witt Foundation funds direct aid and concentrates on the mobility of children with physical disabilities.

  • Working with children & juveniles Berlin

    Sozialpädagogisches Projekt KICK ON ICE in Berlin

    Socio-pedagogic Project

    Athletic assistance for Juveniles from socially disadvantaged families.

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